Subject Copies Sold
Shrimad Bhagvad Gita in different editions 1142 Lakhs
Shri Ramcharitamanas & other works by Goswami Tulsidas 922 Lakhs
Puranas, Upanishads, Ancient Scriptures 227 Lakhs
Small books especially for Women and Children 1055 Lakhs
Bhakta-Gathas (Biographies of Saints) & Bhajans ( Songs) 1244 Lakhs
Others 1235 Lakhs
Total 58 Crores 25 Lakhs

The Gita Press, which started with publishing in Hindi and Sanskrit, is now publishing books in English and various Indian regional languages

Language Category Wise Books
Hindi Shrimad Bhagvadgita
Sanskrit Ramchritmanas
Gujarati Literature of Tulsidas
Telugu Literature of Soordas
Oriya Puran, Upanishad and Others
English Devotee Characters
Bangla Benedictory Publications of Rev. Shri Jayadayal Goyandka
Marathi Publications of Rev. Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar
Tamil Benedictory Literature of His Holiness Swami Ramsukhdas
Kannada Books for Daily Practice and Worship
Assamiya Useful Books for Children
Malyalam Useful Books for All
Nepali Picture-Stories
Urdu Coloured Picture Publications
Punjabi Republished Special Issues of 'KALYAN'