The Gita Press endeavours to publish only such illustrations of God as are painted by devoted artists based on descriptions provided in ancient Scriptures or as realised by Saints. To this end, a large collection of paintings got prepared by great Indian artists are on display in the Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery (Lila Chitra Mandir ) depicts the Lilas of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna in 684 beautiful paintings arranged sequentially for each from birth to end. These are compositions of great artists of different times. Apart from these, a number of other paintings are on display. A set of 92 old Mewari style paintings depicting Sri Krishna Lila are commendable. The complete Gita is inscribed on marble blocks on the walls, as also about 700 couplets and verses of exalted saints.

In the large hall of this Art Gallery, a rare collection of various volumes of Srimad Bhagvad Gita and other ancient scriptures from the research library are exhibited on special occasions like Gita Jayanti day (the day on which Lord Krishna pronounced the Gita).